X-ray Tubes Manufacturer-Brand X-ray Tube Co., Inc.
Proud to be a manufacturer of quality x-ray tubes for over 15 years.         

     Welcome to the Brand X-ray tube site.  On our site you will find information on  our corporation and our line of highest-quality stationary anode x-ray tubes.  We have been manufacturing stationary anode x-ray tubes for over fifteen years and have produced tubes for customers ranging in size from proprietorships to the United States Government.    

     Our x-ray tubes are currently in use in a variety of applications in the medical, dental, and industrial imaging fields.  We manufacture  high-quality x-ray tubes for  applications ranging up to 160 kV.   Our extensive experience in this field translates into efficient product design and development and ultimately to a highly refined line of products that consistently deliver high quality performance and long tube life.

     If you have a specific tube need, we may already be producing a tube that will meet your requirements.  Please go to our products page to view some of our currently available products.
     If you need an x-ray tube insert that you do not see here, we would be happy to produce a product specifically for your application.  The vast majority of our customers require custom design for their respective applications.  We have designed and produced tubes for countless applications and can handle virtually all aspects of this process with the ease and efficiency which comes from years of experience and dedication to providing our customers with the best products available anywhere.   Please submit your technical requirements via our online form and we will contact you regarding your requirements.

     While you are here, we urge you to see further information on our personnel.  We are pleased to offer you access to a highly experienced group of imaging professionals.  We are confident that they will prove to be an invaluable source of information to your organization in this critical area of any imaging application.  These individuals bring immeasurable experience gained from decades of problem solving and innovation exclusively for imaging applications.  

Our tubes presently perform imaging functions in a variety of fields, including:

Electro-medical Imaging-   Our tubes are used in many types of medical imaging equipment including dental apparatus, podiatry applications and traditional medical imaging apparatus as well as advanced applications such as bone densitometry equipment and in-vitro tissue analyzers.

Security Control Systems and Equipment-  Our tubes are used in a variety of security applications that require imaging, such as general package inspection, airport security checkpoints and airline baggage inspection.

Non Destructive Testing-  We produce a variety of x-ray tubes commonly used in the rapidly growing field of NDT.

Production Inspection Systems-  Our products are used widely for  applications that perform x-ray inspection as a part of the production process.  

Metal Treating/Metallurgical Applications-  Our products are widely used for industrial applications that require composition analysis, stress testing or a host of other imaging requirements.

Metrology-  Our beryllium window x-ray tubes are commonly used in x-ray metrology applications.

Laboratory Analytical Instruments-  Used by scientists at major Universities and Laboratories, our tubes currently operate in a variety of laboratory applications including particle analysis and water pollution analysis devices.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Inspection-  Used by the produce industry to inspect produce to detect weather damage or insect infestation in the produce supplied to the general population for consumption.

Research and Development-  We are continuously working with innovators in the imaging industry to the develop new x-ray tube products for use in the imaging equipment for tomorrow's medical, dental and industrial applications.  Let our professionals use their experience to help you to develop your next imaging application.

    We are delighted that you have chosen to investigate our line of high-quality stationary-anode x-ray tubes and look forward to working with you to deliver to you the highest quality tubes available.  Please contact us at your earliest opportunity so that we can further explore the possibility of making our quality x-ray tubes a part of your imaging applications.