BX-1 Series X-ray Tubes- BX-1 0.5 mm 12 degree X-ray Tube
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BX-1 0.5 mm 12 degree x-ray tube
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Application:  The BX-1 0.5mm is a non-directional beam x-ray tube for use in both medical and industrial applications.  It is suitable for applications requiring excellent stability at techniques to 95 kVp self-rectified and 80 kV constant potential in compact head designs.

Tungsten target cast in solid copper anode.   
Line focus, tungsten filament.    
Hard glass, gettered.
210 grams, approx.
Focal Spot Size:        
0.5 mm, per NEMA Std.  XR 5-1984
Target Angle:            
12 degrees effective.  (20 degrees absolute, double-tilt
 geometry, rotated 55 degrees approx.)
External molded cylindrical shield available with a
lead equivalence of 1mm typical (170 grams typical).

Electrical Ratings:
Maximum 95 kVp self-rectified.
Maximum 80 kVp constant potential.
Maximum 100 kVp inverse.
Maximum 100 kVp starting surge.


2.20 Amperes Maximum.

Thermal Ratings:
Energy Storage:               
14  kJ (20 kHU)     
Energy dissipation:     
233 J/sec (333 HU/sec)   

 Cooling rate:                       
Maximum 7.5 kJ/min (10.6 kHU/min) averaged over a
one minute interval.

Cooling and Insulation:

     This tube is intended to be used in an environment in which a high-grade transformer oil is used as the primary means of cooling and insulation.  
The oil should have a minimum dielectric strength of 45 kVp per ASTM D 877-49.  All ratings herein assume operation in well circulated oil at a temperature of 70 degrees C maximum.