BX-2 Series X-ray Tubes-  BX-2 1.5 mm 35 degree X-ray Tube
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BX-2 1.5 mm 35 degree x-ray tube
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The BX-2 1.5mm 35 degree X-ray tube has a beryllium window for minimal attenuation of low-energy radiation in both gauging and industrial applications.  The BX-2 1.5mm 35 degree is suitable for operation in transformer oil to 50 kVp (40 kVcp).  This tube is intended for use in analytical applications requiring high stability and high spectral purity.  Common uses for this tube would include, but are not limited to, gauging, XRF, particle anlysis and other analytical applications.  Alternate target materials are also available upon request.  A mounting flange with tapped holes and an O-ring groove is supplied for applications where a leak-tight seal is required. The BX-2 1.5 is also our equivalent model for the now discontinued Varianäâã  GR-3äâã.

Tungsten target cast in solid copper anode.   
Line focus, tungsten filament.    
Hard glass, gettered.
485 grams, approx.
Focal Spot Size:        
1.5 mm, per NEMA Std.  XR 5-1984
Target Angle:            
35 degrees effective.  
Beryllium windows of varying thicknesses available.  Please E-MAIL us for further information on the beryllium windows available with this unit.

Electrical Ratings:

In Oil:
            Maximum 50 kVp self-rectified.
            Maximum 50 kV constant potential.

Maximum 4 mA continuous in well-circulated oil.

Cooling and Insulation:

     This tube is intended to be used in an environment in which a high-grade transformer oil is used as the primary means of cooling and insulation.  
The oil should have a minimum dielectric strength of 45 kVp per ASTM D 877-49.  All ratings herein assume operation in well circulated oil.  Alternatively, this tube can be cooled with a forced-air cooling configuration, which will reduce the maximum ratings indicated above.  Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding proper cooling for this x-ray tube.