High Voltage Product Selection by Product Series
Proud to be a supplier of quality integrated components for the x-ray industry.

CT Scanner X-ray Generators
DF/FF 3kW/4kW X-ray Generator Rack Mount
Medical X-ray +/- 67.5 kV, 675 Power Supply
Microfocus X-Ray Tube Power Supply
Integrated X-ray Generator Systems
PCM Series 120W High Voltage Power Supply Module
PTV Series 200W & 350W Power Supply Module
SA4 Series 4kW-12kW Power Supply Rack Mount
SL1200 Series 600W/1200W Power Supplies Rack Mount
SL300 Series 10W-300W Power Supplies Rack Mount
SMS Series 60W Power Supply Module
XLF Series 600W, 1200W X-ray Generators Rack Mount
XLG Series 3W-260W X-ray Generators Rack Mount
XRF Series 160kV X-ray Generators Rack Mount
XRM Series 50W Regulated X-ray Power Supply Module
XRT X-Ray Tube Test System