XRF Series 160kV X-ray Generators Rack Mount
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XRF Series 160kV X-ray Generators Rack Mount
160KV XRF Series Generators allow for a wide range of input voltages (90-125Vac and 180-264Vac) and supply either 80W, 320W or 640W of output power at 0-160kVdc. These lightweight rack-mountable generators house a miniaturized high voltage system in a solid encapsulated, oil-free design. The 160kV XRF Series is designed with a power factor corrected input circuit which enables a broad selection of input voltages and reduces harmonic emissions and noise normally associated with other high frequency switching power supplies. The XRF Series incorporates an internal floating filament and a closed-loop emission control circuit for precise regulation of emission current. Remote monitoring and control of voltage, current and filament is also provided.
Mechanical Config.
Inspection/NDT, Analytical Instruments
Non-Destructive Testing, X-ray Inspection, X-ray Analytical, X-ray Fluorescence, PCB
200mW - 200mW - 200mW - -
Product Features
Floating Filament Internal Grid Supply Power Factor Corrected
Key Specifications
Ripple: 0.1% p-p (80W and 320W models) Voltage & Beam Current Stability: 0.1% Power Factor: 0.9 or better
Output Voltage
0-160kV, negative polarity
Output Control
Fully controllable via remote and local operation.
7H (7.8cm) Rack Mount
Weight varies
Input Options
90-125Vac(80W model only) 180-264 Vac