XLF Series 600W, 1200W X-ray Generators Rack Mount
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XLF Series 600W, 1200W X-ray Generators Rack Mount
The XLF Series X-ray generators are well regulated high voltage power supplies with output voltages to 60kV and very low ripple achieved through the use of advanced resonant conversion techniques. Extremely stable voltage and emission current outputs result in significant performance improvements over previously available technology. The XLF Series provides power, control and support functions required for X-ray applications including a regulated ac filament supply referenced to the cathode. These units also incorporate local and remote programming, monitoring, safety interlock, short-circuit and overload protection.
Mechanical Config.
Environmental, Information Display, Industrial Process, Research,
Analytical X-ray, Diamond Inspection, Plastics Sorting, Crystal Inspection, Mineral Analysis, Inspection/Quality, PCB, Food Inspection
600W - 1200W
Product Features
"Hot Cathode" Floating Filament Negative Polarity XLG:"Hot anode" Filament Supply Positive Polarity
Key Specifications
Ripple: 0.03% rms<1kHz, 0.75% rms>1kHz Stability: 0.01%/8hrs after warm-up Emission I reg.: 0.05%
Output Voltage
4 different maximum voltage ratings from -30 to -60kV
Output Control
Fully controllable via remote and local operation
3.5"H x 19"W x 19"D (8.81cm x 48.3cm x 48.3cm)
17 to 41 lbs., (8 to 19 kgs.)
Input Options
115Vac, 1 phase (600W only) 220Vac, 1 phase