SR6 Series 6kW-18kW Power Supply Rack Mount
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SR6 Series 6kW-18kW Power Supply Rack Mount
SR6 power supplies are available in 15 models with voltage outputs ranging from 1kV to 120kV. Similar to the SA4 power supplies (voltage outputs ranging from 1kV to 70kV at 4kW) they incorporate series resonant inverter technology with a patented control circuit. This enables the supplies to operate without damage or interruption in rugged environments that frequently pose threats to conventional high voltage power supplies. In addition, the SR6 and SA4 Series protects your load from excessive peak currents by instantaneously limiting the output current when and arc over condition is sensed. Parallel operation options to increase power and current capabilities are available for SR6 models with power outputs of 12kW, 18kW and higher.
Mechanical Config.
Medical, Research, Semiconductor Equipment, Analytical Instruments
Ion Implantation, Capacitor Charging, E-Beam Welding, Sputtering, X-ray Analytical, Powerfeed Equipment, General Radiography,Ion Doping/Shower
Product Features
Compact and lightweight, Low stored energy, Constant V & I operation
Key Specifications
Ripple: 0.1% p-p Voltage reg.: 0.005% Current reg.: 0.05%
Output Voltage
18 different maximum voltage ratings from 1-120kV
Output Control
Fully controllable via remote and local operation
10.5H (6U); 26.7cm Rack Mount
Typically 75 lbs. 34 kgs.
Input Options
208Vac, 3 phase 220Vac, 1 & 3 phase 200Vac,