SL300 Series 10W-300W Power Supplies Rack Mount
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SL300 Series 10W-300W Power Supplies Rack Mount
SL Series high voltage power supplies are designed to meet uncompromising performance standards in a minimum of space. Their circuitry includes a resonant high frequency inverter with proprietary control which provides fault-free operation in extreme transient and arcing environments with greater than 85% efficiency. These full-featured supplies are available in a wide range of outputs with many options.
Mechanical Config.
Rack Mount
Semiconductor Equipment, Research, Recycling/Sorting, Medical, Inspection/NDT, Communications, Analytical Instruments, Laboratory Applications
Ion Implantation,CW Lasers,General Laboratory, Electrostatic,Analytical X-ray,Cable Testing,PCB, Hi Pot Testing,Medical,Laboratory Applications
10W - 30W - 60W - 150W - 300W
Product Features
Compact and lightweight, Low stored energy, Constant V & I operation
Key Specifications
Ripple: 0.1% p-p Voltage reg.: 0.005% Current reg.: 0.013./+0.005% (load/line) Stability.: 100ppm/hr
Output Voltage
17 different maximum voltage ratings from 1 to 130kV
Output Control
Fully controllable via remote and local operation
1.75H (4.45cm)
17-30lbs. kgs. (7.7 to 14kg) depending on model.
Input Options
100/115Vac, 1 phase 200/220Vac