PTV Series 200W & 350W Power Supply Module
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PTV Series 200W & 350W Power Supply Module
The PTV Series modular high voltage power supplies deliver up to 350W of continuous power. A quasi-resonant inverter design provides over 80% efficiency with very fast dynamic response and very high peak current capability. PTV power supplies incorporate extensive standard features in two power output ranges (200W and the most exacting specifications. An optional 600W pulse capability is available for applications requiring fast response and high peak power.
Mechanical Config.
Biotechnology, Communications, Medical, Printing, Test Equipment
X-Ray Systems, Projection TV, DNA Sequencing, Cable Testing, CRT Testing
200W&350W, 350W, 200W
Product Features
Peak power to 600W TTL enable/inhibit KV & mA test points
Key Specifications
Ripple: 200W:0.1% p-p Voltage reg.: 0.01%
Output Voltage
Different maximum voltage ratings from 1kV to 7kV
Output Control
Remote controllable voltage source or resistive ne
Modular Construction 3.2"H x 10.75"W x 10"D 8.1cm x 27.3cm x 25.4cm
Weight varies
Input Options
100/115/230Vac 1 Phase