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This page is provided for those individuals that may be looking for some further information on x-ray and radiology in general.  We have provided links to various radiological organizations, educational resources, medical organizations, shipping companies, and other areas associated with x-ray or global business in general.  Please feel free to suggest a link or report a dead link.

Link Description
Link Section 1-  General Informational/Educational Links Pertaining to Radiology/Science:
"A Century of Radiology" A history of x-ray.  Page hosted by  The Section of Radiologic Computing and Imaging Science, Department of Radiology, Penn State University College of Medicine.
History of X-ray and XRF
Electronic AJR Online-  An Educational Resource from the American Roentgen Ray Society.
Aunt Minnie-  General Radiology Resource
X-ray and Medical Imaging Resources on the Web-  A general links page for x-ray and related subject matter.
Build your own x-ray machine-  Directions on how to build an inexpensive, low power, x-ray machine.
Get your tube for the homemade x-ray machine
India Radiology Site- By students for students- SUPER image galleries.
Oak Ridge National Laboratories Radiation Information and Analysis Section
X-Ray WWW Server- For more links to other x-ray information
PHYSlink-  Online reference for physics and astronomy
Link Section 2-  Societies and Other Radiological Organizations:
RSNA Link-  Home page for the Radiological Society of North America, Inc.
ACR-  Home page for the American College of Radiology.
ACVR- Home page for the American College of Veterinary Radiology
NDT net- Journal of Nondestructive Testing
ASNDT- The American Society for Nondestructive Testing

University of Oulu (Finland) - Institute of Electron Optics. The Institute of Electron Optics is a centralized facility for the microscopic scale analysis of the structure, morphology, chemistry and crystallography of materials

MICROSCOPY AND ANALYSIS-  Homepage of Microscopy and Analysis magazine.  Offers free subscriptions to professionals.

X-ray Generation Forum-  Discussion message board dealing with x-ray generation for the professional and the hobbyist. Topics may deal with education, equipment repair, experimentation, and safety. Founder: Mike Gray of Amery X-ray .
Link Section 3-  Technical X-ray Data Banks and Computations Calculators
Sergey Stepanov's X-ray Site - Personal web page of Sergey Stepanov, Research Associate Professor of Physics at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and a Beamline Scientist of the Biophysics Collaborative Access Team (BioCAT) at the Advanced Photon Source (APS), a 7 GeV synchrotron located at the Argonne National Lab (ANL) near Chicago.  
Note:  The following 4 links are java based computational aids made available by Sergey Stepanov through his webpage.
X0h on the Web interpolates dielectric susceptibilities x0 and xh for some crystals and other materials in wide range of x-ray wavelengths with the option to compare the data from different databases [12]. NEW: Bragg planes search tool.
GID_SL on the Web calculates x-ray diffraction curves of strained crystals and multilayers for any Bragg-case diffraction with scans around arbitrary axis. It can be used for usual symmetric and asymmetric diffraction, for extremely asymmetric diffraction, as well as for grazing incidence and other non-coplanar cases [16], [19], [20], [21], [31]. NEW: simplified interfaces.
TER_SL on the Web calculates x-ray specular reflection from multilayers with interface roughness and transition layers [31], [20].
TRDS_SL on the Web calculates x-ray diffuse scattering from interface roughness. It implements several different models of roughness and can calculate such effects as skew roughness transfer, dependence of interface-interface roughness correlations on lateral size of roughness and x-ray scattering from atomic steps [23], [24], [26], [29], [32].
Link Section 4-  Shipping Carrier Homepages
Airborne Express
Link Section 5- International Units and Measures Conversions Pages:
English-to-Metric conversion in Javascript
Currency Conversion in Javascript
Online Conversion.com- Convert just about anything to anything else.  Over 5,000 units, and 30,000 conversions including temperature, volume, angle, length, weight etc.
Link Section 6- Commercial Sites
Amery X-ray-   Specialize in repairing, reloading, and rebuilding dental and podiatry X-ray tubeheads.