X-ray Generator, X-ray Source Selection and Development  
Proud to be a supplier of quality integrated components for the x-ray industry.

We are pleased to be able to offer you integrated sources for your imaging applications.  We draw on the years of experience in both our organization and those of our suppliers to help you to either select an already existing x-ray source or to develop one an OEM basis for you.  Please contact us with your requirements so that we can assist you.

Integrated X-ray Generator Systems
Integrated X-ray Generator System consisting of a high voltage power supply, isolated filament supply, and X-ray tube housed either with the electronics or separately. High voltage insulation is provided either by solid encapsulant or purified oil.
Mechanical Config.
X-RAY POWER SUPPLIES, Custom Configurations available.
Inspection/NDT, Medical, Bone Densitometry, Security, PCG, BGA Inspection
Baggage Inspection, Bone Densitometry, C-arm Radiography, Non-destructive Testing, X-ray Inspection, PCB, BGA  
Product Features
Power supply & X-ray tube in integrated subsystem. High stability, linear range of kV & mA
Key Specifications
Customized for OEM applications
Output Voltage
Available in voltages from 10kV to 110kV
Output Control
Full remote control of kV & emission current
Dimensions vary depending on configuration
Weight varies depending on configuration
Input Options
AC or DC

Custom designed tubeheads are also available.  Please e-mail us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist you.