X-ray Tube Selection Assistance Page
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Selection of the proper x-ray tubes for your application can be difficult.  We realize that there are many variables to consider when selecting an x-ray tube.  The following are some common variables in x-ray tube design and selection: Operating kV, operating mA, target angle, focal spot size, duty cycle, operating wattage, application for which the tube will be used, heat storage units required, physical dimension considerations and many others.  
By filling in the short form below you will be submitting to us the necessary technical specifications information which will allow us to assist you.  We realize that you may not have all of this information at this time, but please complete as much of the form as is possible so that we can assist you to the greatest extent possible.
If we currently manufacture the unit that you are looking for we will respond quickly with a quote and delivery timetable.  If we do not currently manufacture the x-ray tube that you are looking for there is a good possibility that we can either develop the x-ray tube for you or offer some assistance in directing you to someone that can meet your requirements.

Naturally, you can also e-mail us with your inquiry.  If you elect to submit your information via e-mail, please include in your e-mail message as much of the information contained in the form below as is possible.

Please be sure to provide some contact information in the form of an e-mail address or phone number in the form below.  This form is sent to us by our server and therefore will NOT include your return e-mail address unless you include it in the form below.

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Please also see our FAQ Page for a discussion of the physics involved in x-ray generation and some of the other variables involved in the selection and manufacturing of x-ray tubes.